Implemetation areas

Where can the wildlife detection system be applied?

Our wildlife detection system can be applied on any road, without physical barriers. This applies to both 80 km/h roads with 2 lanes and cycle paths along them, as well as to 100 km/h roads. On 100km/h roads, when the warning sign is activated, a pre-warning sign is also activated at a maximum speed of 70km/h to gradually slow down the traffic.

High traffic intensity does not hinder the successful use of the system, as we know from experience that road users take the system very seriously. The wildlife detection system can also be applied in locations where mains power is not available due to local conditions, as the system can also be installed with solar panels or as a hybrid setup.

Line detection

Area or line detection

On this page you can see examples of area and line detection. With area detection, a combination of heat and motion is measured by a sensor in a certain area. As soon as wildlife is detected, LED warning signs are activated. Area detection is especially suitable for uneven terrain.
Line detection consists of a set of sensors, with a transmitter and receiver, between which a beam of light is active. When this light beam is interrupted by a passing animal, LED warning signs are activated. By placing the sensors in line with each other, it is also possible to detect over longer road sections.

Good alternative to nature bridge

On county and municipal roads it is not cost-effective to build an expensive nature bridge of 2 to 3 million euros. A good alternative is a dynamic wildlife detection system, possibly in combination with a tunnel tube for small animals and reptiles. The costs of this will soon be recouped. Together with our partners, we offer an attractive total solution that allows both large and small animals to migrate safely to new areas and increase biodiversity.

Area detection

More information

If you have a location or route where frequent accidents with animals crossing the road occur, we will be happy to visit you to give you appropriate advice.