About us

Involved with people and nature

Prowild is the brand name for various products and systems for controlling situations in which humans and fauna cross each other’s path.

The founder of Prowild is Gert Hamberg, who started at the age of 21 as an independent entrepreneur. With his electro-technical background, he found many solutions to customers’ questions over the years and gained an extensive network.


Development of wildlife detection systems

In 1998 Gert started Traffic 2000 B.V. and developed his first wildlife detection system that was installed along the N309 near ‘t Harde. For various reasons, this project was not immediately followed up. However, in the meantime the number of collisions with wildlife increased and he decided to do something about the suffering for humans and animals. Together with a number of partners he set to work on the further development of the wildlife detection system.  The result is a highly functional system that is already being used at many locations, including a number abroad.

Our organisation

Flexible and involved

Our organisation is small, which makes us very flexible in developing customized solutions for various locations and situations. We feel very involved with nature and therefore remain active in finding new applications and functionalities all the time. In addition, we are committed to supporting projects for nature conservation and development financially, and where possible physically, with a portion of our revenues.

Prowild supports WWF together with you!

In order to give shape to our involvement with nature Traffic 2000 bv will cooperate with the World Wildlife Fund as of 2020. In concrete terms this means that when making an appointment for the installation of a Prowild wildlife detection system, € 100,- will be transferred to one of the projects below that you may choose. Even if no assignment follows, we will honour this agreement and support the WWF.

It will even get better. If we are allowed to build a detection system for you after these talks we will increase this amount to €500,-! Also for this you may select a destination from the list below.