Easy online insight into data

Once the wildlife detection system has been installed, you can easily view all registered movements and data online. This data is stored in the cloud, so you can retrieve it anytime, anywhere using a password. The optional intelligent camera with infrared functionality can also track wildlife up to 200 m away at night and differentiate between wildlife and traffic, even across the carriageway. As a result, the wildlife detection system provides valuable information about wildlife passages and the system’s functionalities. You gain clear insight into the actual situation at the location in question and can effectively adjust your future developments and policy accordingly.

Data collection

In the example overview on the left you can see all fauna movements per sector.(open the image in a new window for better readability) Even ecologically interesting information such as the height and direction of the movement can be captured.

Data combined with images

A combination with camera images of the wildlife crossing is also an option. The collected data can be valuable input for research into fauna in a specific area.