Results after installation of the system

We offer the possibility to collect statistical data in order to obtain valuable information about wildlife passages and functionality of the system. This gives you a good indication of the situation and future developments and allows you to develop effective policies. Online the log data of the previous period can be obtained free of charge by means of a password. An example of this can be seen on the right. In this overview all movements of fauna per sector can be seen (for a clearer overview you can open the image in a new tab). Even height and direction can be determined which information can be interesting for ecologists. Optionally it is also possible to combine this with images of the wildlife that crosses the road.


Our technique can also be used to research fauna present in a specific area. We have adapted the design of the various components accordingly, making them easy to (re)install. For monitoring applications it is also possible to access data and images from the cloud via a modem. By using the active infrared (AIR) method, the amount of unusable data will be kept to a minimum. The intelligent camera with infrared functionality can also follow game at night up to 200 meters away. Because the camera makes a distinction between fauna and traffic, this is even possible over the road.