Project development

The realisation of the Prowild wildlife detection system

The construction of a dynamic wildlife detection system requires careful preparation and organisation. Matters such as determining the right location, design, communication with the surrounding area, applying for permits and project management take a lot of time. We have clustered our knowledge and experience with the construction of wildlife detection systems in a partnership with which we can take care of the preliminary process, the construction and the project management on behalf of your organisation.

Collaboration for the best result

In order to tailor the project to local conditions, we consult with ecologists and the responsible fauna management authorities in order to put together the right configuration for maximum effect. Think for example of using fauna tunnels in combination with the Prowild detection system to approximate the function of a nature bridge. In order to guide the animals to the wildlife crossing in the right way, we also take care of the construction of sustainable fences and wildlife grids. This collaboration between various experts provides you with an extremely well-functioning system that functions in harmony with each other without you, the client, having to invest a great deal of time in this yourself.

Field trips

It is possible to organize a field trip on location for your organization. During these visits, all ins and outs of the system will be examined and it is possible to talk to directly involved stakeholders about their experiences with this system.
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Custom made for you

You can outsource all or part of the installation of the wildlife warning system to us. The choice is yours. If you opt for total project supervision by our expert project manager, we will arrange everything for you. From planning and execution to delivery and after-care and in between, we will keep you well informed about the project. We will be happy to visit you to discuss the various possibilities.