Why a wildlife detection system?

Why choose a wildlife detection system?

Many roads cross nature reserves where animals such as marten, badgers, foxes, pigs, roe deer and red deer migrate. On these roads wildlife crossings cause many collisions every year, causing a lot of damage, injuries and sometimes even fatalities.

Wildlife collisions cause a lot of damage

Collisions with wildlife crossings are therefore a serious problem, according to figures in the Netherlands and Germany.

  • In the Netherlands there were 10,000 registered collisions with roe deer in 2014 alone. The total number of collisions, including those with other animals, will be a multiple of that.
  • The annual damage caused by collisions with wildlife in the Netherlands amounts to € 50,000,000. This does not include consequential damage such as medical expenses, deployment of emergency services and possible incapacity for work.
  • In Germany there is an average collision with wildlife every 2 minutes.
  • In 2006, in Germany, as many as 2,800 people were injured, 10 killed and € 500,000,000 in material damage. In 2015 this amount had already risen to € 563,000,000.

The trend is that the number of accidents increases annually by 6%.

A safe connection of nature reserves

It is important for the natural balance and for biodiversity that different animal species can move freely between forest, grassland and wetlands. This makes it increasingly necessary to defragment natural areas and connect them with each other. With our wildlife detection system, we offer an affordable solution to this problem. This dynamic system warns road users at an early stage of crossing wildlife and animals, so they will reduce their speed and pass this location alertly. Animals can safely cross the road to migrate to more suitable locations. This creates a more varied nature, which contributes to an attractive environment for tourism and thus also to economic progress.