How will it benefit you?

A wildlife detection system
pays for itself quickly

The construction of a wildlife detecting system pays for itself after just over three years and is therefore a very good investment. This means that the system will save a lot of social and financial damage from the fourth year on wards. This will benefit citizens, mobility, nature and tourism and therefore the investment can be justified.

Prevent social damage, personal and animal suffering

Based on the above results and the calculation example, our wildlife detection system will therefore pay for itself within a few years. In total, our systems have already prevented more than 1,200 accidents since 2011 and have saved approximately € 6,050,000,- in social damage. In addition to limiting material damage, the prevention of (serious) personal injury and fatalities is an important reason for using a wildlife detection system. Limiting animal suffering and promoting biodiversity is additionally important.

*The stated number of 15 collisions is an average. The payback time may therefore be even shorter than in this example.