How will it benefit you?


In general we can say that material damage per accident is € 2.500,-. Exact numbers are not known but by estimation this amount will be doubled due to additional costs like deployment emergency services, healthcare, incapacitation, damage due to road closures and labor costs of road management officials. This will probably lead to a total average damage over € 5.000,- per accident. At a location with 15 accidents per year you can prevent a minimal of € 75.000,- worth of damage for community.

Since 2011 we already prevented over 800 accidents and saved the community over € 3.950.000,- worth of damage with our latest generation systems. How many lives are saved or (severe) injuries has been prevented will always remain a question but surely this will be substantial.

Due to the reduction of collisions with >90%, this system will give a return on investment in a very short period. Above all, any lives saved or severe injuries prevented is reason enough to decide to install this system. Next to this the reduction in suffering of animals and connecting nature areas presenting them the possibility to migrate is an important issue that should not be forgotten.


Because of the previously mentioned results the system will have a return on investment within just a few years. Let’s take an example of a situation where 15 accidents with crossing animals happen. According to a German report the average material damage is €2.485,- and doubled by community costs this results in €4.970,- per accident. In total this will show material damage of 15 x € 4.970,- = €74.550,- each year.

Installing a system including fencing costs about €250.000,- were a nature bridge will cost  millions. A basic system without fences is available from approximately €50,000.

This means installing a wildlife warning system will have a return on investment in roughly 3 years which makes it a very good investment. Besides this it is an investment that will benefit citizens, mobility, nature and tourism which makes it well accounted for. In the fourth year it will bring financial profits to the community resulting in positive economical development.

The number of 15 accidents is an average so return on investment periods can be far shorter then mentioned in this example.