How does it functions?

How does the Dynamic Wildlife Detection System functions?

Wildlife often has a fixed route and place where it crosses the road. On both sides of the road a fence is placed to guide the animals to the opening for the crossing. When the animals approach the crossing they are detected by a sensor and specifically developed software. Subsequently, traffic on the road is warned in time by the wildlife crossing warning sign. The lights will blink and a jumping deer and a maximum speed limit of 50 km per hour will be indicated. As a result, the road user reduces speed and is alert, so that animals can cross safely. This greatly reduces the risk of collisions.

No unnecessary delay or habituation

If there is no wildlife around, the warning signs are off and the normal speed limit applies. As a result, there are no unnecessary delays and there is no getting used to. This is an important reason for the success of this system.

wildlife detection

Wildlife detection is also possible without the use of fences, allowing animals to cross at any location along the route. In this case, sensors are placed along a longer trajectory. If wildlife is detected in a sector, road users are warned by optical signals, in a wide area around the activated sector. The signalling can vary from flashing warning signs to verge posts with dynamic LED lighting.

online monitoring

The operation of the system and the number of passages in a certain period of time can be easily monitored by downloading the data remotely. Based on the collected data, the functionality of the system can be adjusted if necessary. In order to get a clear picture of the wildlife, it is also possible to film the passages with a camera.

Most optimal

For application of the most optimal method, in combination with limitation of management and maintenance, we advise to coordinate the design with the road authority. Our wildlife detection system can be applied in different ways, with various configurations. Together with you, we will be happy to determine the most optimal solution for your location.