How does it functions?

How does the Dynamic Wildlife Warning System functions?

Animals will be guided by fences to a sector where they can cross the road. The length of these sectors can be determined, depending on local circumstances, to any length required. These sectors will have sensors to detect wildlife which will trigger LED signs to warn traffic. In fact this can be compared to pedestrian crossings were pedestrians push a button when they want to cross but now the animals will trigger the signs for them to cross safely.

These LED signs show a warning symbol for the presence of wildlife and the mandatory speed limit. When activated, the appropriate speed limit will be shown, bringing the driver to a heightened state of attention for the possibility of crossing animals. If no wildlife is present, the standard conditions with the normal speed limit applies and no delays will occur. The main reason for the success of this system is that no routine is developing in contrary to the use of fixed or traffic-triggered signs.

There is also a system design were we do not implement fences and animals are able to cross the road at any location they like. In this situation we will install detectors alongside the entire track. When triggered, traffic will be warned by optical signals on signs or side posts with dynamic led’s only in the sector with triggered sensors. To optimize maintenance it is recommendable to closely fine-tune the design with the road manager. This will result in the most optimum method resulting in minimal maintenance efforts for involved stakeholders.

As we have remote access to the system, we can monitor it and change its functionality when necessary. At any moment it is possible to download logged data of each system. In this way you can monitor the migration of wildlife at this location regularly. This can be combined with camera recordings of the animals crossing the road.

We have a variety of systems and configurations available. We will be pleased to visit you to determine the optimal solution.