Why a WWS?

Why install a Dynamic Wildlife Warning System?

Many roads often cross nature areas where animals like roe deer, badgers, elk, weasel-like animals, wild boar and foxes live.

Numbers in the Netherlands show, costs of collisions with crossing wildlife are about €50.000.000,- annually. Half of this amount is material damage and we can assume that costs like deploying emergency services, healthcare, incapacitation etc. will minimally double it. Each year thousands of people get hurt or even are killed in these accidents. In Germany every 2 minutes a collision with crossing animals occurs showing it is a serious problem. In the Netherlands in 2014 over 10.000 registered collisions with deer happened but the total number will be multiplied when we consider all species. For example, in Germany we have the figures of 2015 showing a damage of €563.000.000,- caused by collisions with crossing wildlife. In 2006 this number was around €500.000.000,- , 10 people got killed and 2800 were wounded. Statistics show each year this number increases with 5 to 7 per cent.

Next to this, connecting nature areas has become more needed and with Prowild we offer an affordable solution. This dynamic system warns passing traffic in time for crossing wildlife making it possible for these animals to migrate to more appropriate  locations resulting in a healthy and balanced ecological situation. A diverse and healthy nature will also contribute to increasing tourism and herewith economical advantages.

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