Implementation areas

Where can you install this system?

The system is suitable for all roads that do not have a barrier. Provisions must be made to enable wildlife to cross the road easily.

On this page you see some examples in which the system has been implemented at 80 km/h roads with 2 lanes en bike paths at the side(s). It is also possible to use this system at 100 km/h roads but you need to lower the speed in steps with pre warning signs showing 70 km/h well before the crossing area. The system is taken very serious by passing drivers and for that reason high intensity traffic is not a restriction to implement it. With a well functioning system drivers are very alert at the particular location.

At secondary roads it is not cost effective to build a 2 to 3 million expensive nature bridge. With a wildlife warning system, perhaps combined with a tunnel tube for reptiles and other small animals, costs will be earned back very soon. Together with our partners we can offer you a full solution to make it possible for large and smaller animals to migrate safely to new areas and barriers will disappear.

In some cases, due to local circumstances net power supply is not possible. For this reason we have developed both a solar-powered and hybrid version of the system.

Do you have a location or track with regular wildlife vehicle collisions happening we will be pleased to offer you suitable advice.